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A biotechnology research tool making use of the membrane-fusing potential of 
HVJ Envelope (HVJ-E : inactivated Sendai virus)


 HVJ-E Transfection Kit
  (for introduction of DNA, siRNA and protein)

 □ Applicable to in vitro and in vivo transfection experiments 

 □ Transfection mediated by membrane fusion completely 
    different from lipid-based  reagents

 □ Unlikely to undergo lysosomal degradation, enabling 
    high efficiency of

 □ Performance demonstrated in more than 140 published  

  HVJ-E Antibody delivery Kit 
   (for introduction of IgG antibody)

 □ Optimal for functional analysis of living cells  through 
    antibody introduction 

 □ Higher efficiency of IgG antibody incorporation into HVJ-E
GenomONE-Neo EX 

 □ Can be used for analysis of disturbance of function and
    localization of intracellular proteins

 □ Can be used for screening of antibodies to intracellular 
    antigens and
drug creation research 

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                                                         HVJ-E siRNA/miRNA transfection Kit

                                                         □ Ease-of-use, only 5 steps/complete within 5-10 minutes

                                                         □ Applicable to hard-to-transfect immune cells(e.g. primary T cells) 

                                                         □ Suitable for high-throughput applications

                                                         □ Safe for use & low cytotoxicity

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HVJ-E Cell Fusion Kit

 □ For preparation of hybridomas (monoclonal antibodies)

 □ For research on development, differentiation, and

    breeding (transplantation and replacement of nuclei)

 □ Research on regenerative medicine and cytotherapy  

 □ Research on anti-cancer vaccination and cancer   


 HVJ-E: Hemagglutinating virus of Japan (Sendai virus) envelope       

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What is HVJ-E (inactivated Sendai virus)?

Hemagglutinating virus of Japan (HVJ) Envelope (HVJ-E)  is a nonproliferative and noninfectiousvesicle  about 300 nm in diameter on average purified after  complete inactivation of Sendai virus genomic RNA.  

Since the F protein distributed on the HVJ-E envelope  has high membrane-fusing potential comparable to that of live virus, it is possible to use HVJ-E itself as a cell-fusing agent or to introduce genes, proteins, anti-cancer agents, etc. in HVJ-E-incorporated form into cells for analysis of their functions.


 HVJ (Hemagglutinating virus of Japan) is also called Sendai virus (SeV) or Mouse Parainfluenza virus type 1




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