siRNA/miRNA transfection reagent

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 1kit (HVJ-E  1 vial set) Contact us
 1kit (HVJ-E  4 vials set)

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 1kit (HVJ-E 16 vials set)

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 1kit (HVJ-E 40 vials set)

GenomONE-Si (HVJ Envelope VECTOR KIT) is a novel and unique siRNA /miRNA transfection kit which employs the membrane fusion ability of 
the envelope of Sendai virus (Hemagglutinating virus of Japan: HVJ).

What's HVJ Envelope (HVJ-E)?


  • Ease-of-use, only 5 steps/complete within 5-10 minutes

  • Applicable to hard-to-transfect immune cells (e.g. primary T cells) 

  • Suitable for high-throughput applications

  • Safe for use & low cytotoxicity


No. of HVJ-E vials per kit

Assays (wells) 

6-well plate  24-well plate 96-well plate 
1 100 400 2,000
4 400 1,600 8,000
16 1,600 6,400 32,000
40 4,000 16,000 80,000




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