GenomONE-CF HVJ-E 細胞融合試薬)を使用した研究論文が「BBRC 誌」に掲載されました。

    Hemagglutinating virus of Japan envelope HVJ Envelope/HVJ-E : 増殖・複製能をなくした不活化センダイウイルス/Sendai virus 粒子)を用いてマウス脾臓細胞とP3U1 ミエローマ細胞とを融合させています。
実験には弊社のGenomONE-CF  (HVJ Envelope Cell Fusion Kit)が使用されました。

(1) A monoclonal antibody IMab-1 specifically recognizes IDH1R132H, the most common glioma-derived mutation.

Kato Y, Jin G, Kuan CT, McLendon RE, Yan H, Bigner DD.  
       Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 390(3), 547-551 (2009). [PubMed ID: 19818334]  

A monoclonal antibody IMab-1, which specifically reacts with the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 mutant protein
       (IDH1R132H) but not with wild type IDH1 (IDH1wt) protein or the other IDH1mutants has been established. 
       The antibody should be significantly useful for diagnosis and biological evaluation of mutation-bearing gliomas  

(2) GMab-1, a high-affinity anti-3'-isoLM1/3',6'-isoLD1 IgG monoclonal antibody, raised in lacto-series
      ganglioside-defective knockout mice.

Kato Y, Kuan CT, Chang J, Kaneko MK, Ayriss J, Piao H, Chandramohan V, Pegram C,  
       McLendon RE, Fredman P, Mansson JE, Bigner DD.
       Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 391(1), 750-755 (2010). [PubMed ID: 19944071]  

 A monoclonal antibody GMab-1 of the IgG(3) subclass, which specifically reacts with  
       lacto-series gangliosides 3',6'-isoLD1 has been established. The antibody should be useful for functional analysis
       of lacto-series gangliosides and for antibody-based therapy of gliomas.

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