pEGFP introduction to HEK293

Cell Information

Cell condition: 2.0~105cells/2.0mL/well of 6-well plate
1day culture, `50% confluency
Medium: DMEM+10%FBS


Reagent used: GenomONE
Trangient or Stable: Transient
Introduced molecule: pEGFP
Molecule conc.: 4g/L
Method: Method-2
Reagent volume: <Incorporation step>
HVJ-E: 40L
DNA/TE conc.: 10L
Reagent A: ---
Buffer: 10L
Reagent B: 2L
<Introduction step>
Reagent C: 5L
Buffer: 30L
Treatment/well: 35L/well of 6-well plate
Incubation time: 24hr


Efficiency: 70%@


Phase contrast

Data from: Dr.Yasufumi Kaneda, Osaka University, Japan.

Reference: ---