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Aim to be an enterprise that contributes to the people and earth through science (chemistry).

Ishihara Techno Corporation, founded in 1950 as Fuso Trading, has been contributing to "society", "life" and the "environment" for over fifty years as a trading company under the Ishihara Sangyo Group, mainly handing chemical-related products.

Our basic management policy consists of
1. "Highly principled management" with emphasis on transparency based on legal compliance.
2. "Create market value" by constructive proposals, speedy development and the dare to challenge.
3. Build the customers' trust based on sincerity and courtesy focusing on " social harmony" for the " contribution to society".

"Continuous self-innovation" with "integrity, faith and effort" kept in mind is important to achieve the above aims.
"Science (chemistry)" is essential to protect the global environment and to improve the people's health and life.
We intend to contribute to a "comfortable society" through our daily business activities.