ISK's 100th Anniversary




A century of challenge and innovation, all in service of society, life, and the environment.
With unchanging spirit and unshakeable aspiration, we look to our next 100 years.
In 2020, Ishihara Sangyo begins another voyage.

On September 10, 1920,  ISHIHARA SANGYO KAISHA, LTD. (ISK) began development of an iron-ore mine on the Malay Peninsula, contributing to the growth of Japan’s steel industry. After the war, ISK globalized its inorganic chemical business, centered on titanium dioxide, the material used for white pigment, and its organic chemical business, centered on agrochemicals used to support stable food production. The company created innovations with its tireless research and development efforts, achieving continuing growth as a chemicals producer bringing new value to the world.

ISK's basic philosophy is to contribute to social development, protection of life, and environmental preservation, and to respect shareholders, customers, suppliers, local communities and employees. We will maintain this strong spirit now and in the future. We would like to thank everyone who has made this 100th anniversary possible, and going forward, we will strive to contribute to the building of a sustainable society with products that are kind to the environment and useful to society.

To bring smiles to more people through the power of chemistry, we begin a new voyage as we enter our next 100 years.


100th Anniversary Logo

With gratitude for our past, we will move forward with everyone to a better future.
Our commemorative centenary logo symbolizes this gratitude and features a compass motif, signifying our resolve to join with our stakeholders in navigating toward the future, with a better tomorrow as our lodestar.

ISK: A History of Challenges and Innovation

1920-1945:The Spirit of Challenge in Our DNA

Hiroichiro Ishihara, founder像

Hiroichiro Ishihara, founder

1945-1960:The Curtain Rises on a New Era

1960-1990:Reaching out to Global Markets

1990-2010:Social Responsibility as a Global Citizen

2010-2020:Becoming a Strong,
Trusted Chemical Company

これからもみなさまと SINCE1920 石原産業株式会社
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