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Compliance Statement

Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (ISK) upholds the corporate philosophy that our Company will pursue scientific development in order to contribute to 'society,' 'life' and the 'environment.' ISK's corporate mission is to supply environmentally sound and high quality products that satisfy diverse customer needs in both organic and inorganic chemical fields. To fulfill this corporate mission, ISK declares that in our corporate management we will place utmost priority on compliance with all laws, regulations and social norms, while abiding by high business ethics in all our business activities.

We firmly believe that observing laws, regulations and social norms is the primary requisite for any enterprise. In our sincere remorse for the Ferosilt issues and based on the thorough review of the Ferosilt issues, we intend to ensure that each and every member of ISK Group realizes that no company can survive without gaining social trust, and that a company that has failed in gaining social trust may be obliged to withdraw from the market. To regain social trust in ISK, we will promote thorough compliance with all laws, regulations and social norms in our day-to-day business at every workplace. All ISK Group members will strictly restrict our behaviors and work to fulfill our responsibilities as responsible and conscientious citizens.

With this resolution, ISK is radically reinforcing its corporate governance and enhancing management transparency. In these efforts, I would appreciate generous understanding and support from all of our stakeholders.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Norms:

Respecting social justice and fairness, we will strictly observe social norms, as well all laws and regulations, in all of our corporate activities.

Activities as a Responsible Corporate Citizen:

As a responsible corporate citizen, we will maintain high business ethics and take responsibility for each of our actions.

Environmental Protection and Safety & Health Initiatives:

To contribute to global environmental protection, in our business activities we will place the highest priority on initiatives that foster environmental protection and safety & health.

Chairman Kenichi Tanaka