Functional Materials

Battery Materials

Active materials for Lithium Ion Battery Lithium Titanate(Li4Ti5O12)


By utilizing experienced technologies in titanium dioxide and functional materials businesses, ISK have developed and commercialized lithium titanate for an anode material of lithium-ion secondary batteries.

Due to slight volume change of lithium titanate stemming from insertion and extraction of Li ions, deterioration of capacity is insignificant. In addition, since charging and discharging voltage is 1.5V (vs Li/Li+), lithium titanate exhibits an advantageous characteristic that does not easily cause sub-reactions such as decomposition of electrolyte and deposition of lithium metal by rapid charging and discharging. Lithium titanate enables to design batteries with the following characteristics.

  • High safety / Long life
  • Rapid charging and discharging

Charging and discharging curves of Li4Ti5O12

Fig.1: Charging and discharging curves of Li4Ti5O12 (at 0.25C)

General Features of LTO

  • Formula Li4Ti5O12 (Spinel structure)
  • Voltage: ~1.55V vs. Li/Li+, Theoretical capacity: 175mAh/g
  • Easy insertion and extraction of Li+ (Rapid charging and discharging)
  • Non-flammable (Outstanding safety)
  • Excellent chemical and physical stability (Good cycle life)

Characteristics of Lithium Titanate

Excellent Cycle Performance

No significant deterioration of capacity retention even after 10-year use (under a charging and discharging /day)

Graph: Excellent Cycle Performance

Excellent Low-temp. Perfomance

Performance at -20°C is as high as 90% of room temp. performance.

Graph: Excellent Low-temp. Perfomance

Excellent Rate Property

About 90% of full capacity can be retained even in 6 min.

Graph: Excellent Rate Property