Gene, siRNA/miRNA, protein transfection reagent (in vivo)
GenomONE™-Neo , GenomONE™-Neo (FD)

GenomONE-Neo and GenomONE-Neo (FD) are novel and unique transfection kits which employ the membrane fusion ability of the envelope of Sendai virus(Hemagglutinating virus of Japan: HVJ). HVJ Envelope (HVJ-E) is a nonproliferative and noninfectious vesicle purified after complete inactivation of Sendai virus genomic RNA.  HVJ-E can introduce a variety of molecules (plasmid DNA, siRNA/miRNA, protein) into cells via membrane fusion.
GenomONE-Neo (FD) is a new format of GenomONE-Neo, and it contains freeze-dried HVJ-E instead of liquid form. The application and kit components are the same between GenomONE-Neo and GenomONE-Neo (FD).

*These products are sold for research purpose only. It may not be used for treatment or other clinical purposes or for intra- and extracorporeal diagnosis in humans or animals.


  • HVJ-E can incorporate various molecules (plasmid DNA, siRNA/miRNA, proteins).
  • HVJ-E-incorporated molecules are introduced into cells via membrane fusion.
  • HVJ-E is also applicable to in vivo transfection.


Product name Cat. # Specification Price
Excluding Tax
Including Tax
Store at -80°C Store at 4°C
HVJ-E (N) Reagent A, B, C, Buffer
GenomONE-Neo GN001 1 vial Each 1 vial ¥18,000 ¥19,800
GN004 4 vials Each 1 vial ¥55,000 ¥60,500
GN016 16 vials Each 4 vials ¥180,000 ¥198,000
GN040 40 vials Each 10 vials ¥420,000 ¥462,000
Product name Cat. # Specification
Store at 4℃
Freeze-dried HVJ-E Reagent A,B,C,Buffer
GenomONE-Neo (FD) GN01F 1 vial Each 1 vial
GN04F 4 vials Each 1 vial
GN16F 16 vials Each 4 vials
GN40F 40 vials Each 10 vials

We do not stock GenomONE-Neo (FD).
Please purchase GenomONE-Neo (FD) from Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. or FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation.

Applications (in vivo)

Title Target cell/Tissues Introduced molecule
Rat lumbar dorsal horn siRNA
Rat submandibular gland

Excerpt from "Intrathecal administration of siRNA to rats"

Immunnohistochemical staining (dorsal horn)

By using HVJ-E vector, NK1R siRNA was administered into the spinal cord. Immunohistochemical reaction of NK1R was suppressed by siRNA-treated during 1 to 7 days.

  • Dr. Rumi Naono-Nakayama
    Division of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University (Japan)
  • Dr. Toshikazu Nishimori
    Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki (Japan)
【Related article】
Eur. J. Pharmacol., 670, 448-457 (2011).

Applications (in vitro)

Title Target cell/Tissues Introduced molecule
Neonatal rat myocardial cells (primary cultures) siRNA

Intracellular delivery of Cre recombinase (protein)

By introducing Cre recombinase (protein) into 2-2 cells with GenomONE-Neo, loxp sites inserted in the genome sequence were deleted and Lac Z gene expression was induced.

2-2 (monkey, African green, RIKEN BioResource Center): 35 copies of PCAG-loxP-neopA-loxP-LacZ were tandemly inserted into the genome.

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