Organic Intermediates (Pharmaceutical raw materials)

CF3-Pyridine as Raw Material for Medicine

Enhancement of activity and function by CF3-pyridine

Expansion of CF3-pyridine

  1. 1. Modification of CF3-pyridine

    Since the early 1980’s, we have been carrying out research and development on new pharmaceutical compounds and agrochemicals based on CF3-Pyridine chemical. Therefore, we can accommodate to customer’s needs in this field, such as the conversion to the manageable structure and some modification methods, alkylation, arylation, amination, halogenation, cyclization, and so on, with confidence.

  2. 2. CF3-Pyridine introduced medicine

    There are many reports of the research on the compounds having partial CF3-pyridine structures which have pharmaceutical activities. And some medicines containing partial CF3-pyridine structures have already been available as antiviral drug or antineoplastic drug.

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