Titanium dioxide in sulfate process (Rutile Type)

Grade TiO2% Main modifier Avarage particle size(µm) Oil absorption Remarks
R-670 93 Al 0.21 22 R-670 has high gloss and bluish color tone.Therefore, this grade is suitable especially for surface-printing inks where high gloss is required.
R-580 94 Al 0.28 19 R-580 shows excellent opacity under high pigment content. With this characteristic, this grade is suitable especially for thinly-applying inks such as metal coatings and whiteout.
R-780 88 Al,Si 0.24 33 R-780 has excellent hiding power and color strength especially under medium to high pigment content formulations in flat emulsion paint or gravure ink.
R-780-2 80 Al,Si 0.24 40 R-780-2 is suitable especially for flat emultion paint where high opacity is required with high pigment content.
R-850 90 Al,Si 0.24 - R-850 is produced by unique technique, persuing its high light-stability and durability In this sense, this grade is suitable when the high light stability is required, such as lamination paper.
R-855 90 Al,Si 0.26 - R-855 serves good durability and high optical properties in lamination papers due to its ease of dispersion. In this regard, this grade is suitable when anti-greying is required, such as decorative papers and wall papers.
PF-736 94 Al,Organic 0.24 15 PF-736 serves high gloss and ease of dispersion. Therefore, this grade is suitable when the high gloss is required such as surface printing inks.
PF-737 95 Al,Organic 0.21 16 PF-737offers superior color strength, peculiar bluish tone, and ease of dispersion. In this way, it's suitable for various plastics applications such as polyolefin, PVC and ABS.
PF-742 92 Al,Si,Zn*,
0.25 21 PF-742 is specialized for laminate type gravure ink, serving good printing properties and opacity. This grade exhibits high opacity especially after lamination, and also shows good adhesivity and re-resolvability.