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Core technologies - Inorganic Chemicals Division -

We think that technological capability is the source of our progress and competitiveness. Under a long-range corporate plan, ISK is strengthening our technological capabilities. To deepen and expand our core technologies are especially important to achieve the above objective. We are aggressively pursuing technological exchanges and cooperation (participation in joint development programs, dispatching personnel to outside organizations, participation in governmental projects, etc.) with outside organizations (national research institutes, universities, different industries, etc.).

ISK is currently engaged in developing highly competitive new products, which respond to future market needs, based on the following six major core technologies with the creativity of our researchers.

Fine Particle Synthesis

Hydrolysis method, co-precipitation method, vapor-phase oxidation, multiple oxide formation, sol-gel method, etc.

Dispersion Technology

Dispersion technology for monodispersed metal oxide particle (acidic, neutral), boundary control technology, powdering/precision particle size regulation, etc.

Crystal Control Technology

Hydrolysis method, co-precipitation method, sinterability enhancement method, different element doping, vapor-phase oxidation, etc.

Function Adding Technology

Adding electroconductivity, adding hydrophobicity, adding hydrophilicity, adding heat resistance, adding photocatalytic activity (visible light), etc.

Shape Control Technology

Spherical particle forming, rod-like particle forming, acicular particle forming, layer structure forming, nanosheet forming, flaky particle forming, hollow particle forming, arborescent particle forming, etc.

Analysis and Evaluation Technology

Particle size measurement, crystal analysis, chemical analysis, powder characteristics, photocatalytic activity, paint properties, paint film hydrophilic activity, optical characteristics, electroconductivity, battery characteristics, electromagnetic characteristics, photoelectric characteristics, etc.

Figure: Core technologies

ISK's six core technologies are utilized for both our conventional products and newly developed materials.

ISK's mission is to deepen and expand our six core technologies to further improve the quality of our products.