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Board of Directors and Executive Officers

Board of Directors

Executive Director President Kenichi Tanaka
Director Michiyoshi Arata
Director Chimoto Honda
Director Teruaki Matsue
Director Norihiro Kato
Outside Director Noriyuki Yonemura
Outside Director Hiroshi Katsumata

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Taizo Kato
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshitaka Akikuni
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masaaki Harima

Executive Officers

President & Chief Executive Officer Kenichi Tanaka  
Senior Managing Executive Officer Michiyoshi Arata Inorganic Chemicals Business
Director of Corporate Administration & Planning Headquarters
Senior Managing Executive Officer Chimoto Honda Organic Chemicals Business
Director of Biosciences Sales & Marketing
Managing Executive Officer Teruaki Matsue Director of Legal & IP Headquarters
Managing Executive Officer Norihiro Kato Director of Yokkaichi Plant
Managing Executive Officer Masanari Kato Director of Life Sciences Business Development Headquarters
Managing Executive Officer Kiyomitsu Yoshida Director of Central Research Institute
Director of Animal Health Headquarters
Managing Executive Officer Yasunobu Kawazoe Director of Finance & Accounting Headquarters
Executive Officer Yoichi Kobayashi General Manager of Third Party Relations & Sales Administration Division, Biosciences Sales & Marketing
Executive Officer Hideo Takahashi Director of R&D Strategy Headquarters
Executive Officer Kiyoshi Masuda Biosciences Sales & Marketing
Executive Officer Hisashi Takenaka Deputy Director of Yokkaichi Plant
General Manager of Planning & Administration Division of Yokkaichi Plant
Executive Officer Masaki Shimojo Director of Inorganic Chemicals Sales & Marketing
Executive Officer Hiroshi Kimura Director of General Affairs & Human Resources Headquarters
Executive Officer Yasuhiro Fujii General Manager of Regulatory Affairs Division,
Biosciences Sales & Marketing