Photo: Executive Director President Hiroshi Okubo

Aiming to continue contributing to better living environments through chemical technologies

We started a mine development business on the Malay Peninsula in 1920 and contributed significantly to the development of the Japanese steel industry. After the end of World War II, we shifted our focus to the field of inorganic chemistry centered on titanium oxide and the field of organic chemistry centered on pesticides. Having brought about innovations through our continuing research and development, we have grown into a manufacturer of chemical products that delivers new value to the world.

Our strength lies in our unique chemical technology and technology development capabilities. We believe that the raison d’être of our Group is to use these resources to continue to create valuable products that meet society’s needs. In order for our Group to continue to exist, we aim to continue contributing to better living environments through chemical technologies.

The business environment is changing rapidly. In this situation, our Group will accelerate its evolution under the long-term vision, Vision 2030, which is the policy we should aim for. Using our flexible response capabilities, we will deliver better lives all over the world through the power of chemistry and improve our corporate value by achieving sustainable management.

Executive Director President Hiroshi Okubo

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