Human Resource Development

Human Resource Strategy to Boost Corporate Value medium- and long-term

The ISK Group’s purpose is “To continue contributing to better living environments through chemical technologies.” To achieve this requires regarding employees as human resources, encouraging their growth through investment in education and training, and bringing out their potential to the fullest.
As represented by the word “diversity,” we fully understand the importance of building a truly diverse environment where people’s personalities and values are accepted, where job placements, education, and systems help them fully realize their individual talents, and where they have the opportunity to feel an attachment to their workplace and peers.

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Figure: Ideal Employee Traits

Career Development Support

Once employees enter ISK, the company develops their capabilities by holding courses at each business location company-wide at certain points in their careers in order to make them aware of their roles in society and the company and to boost various skills. We also have courses to improve their global business skills, such as online courses they can take at home. They can also go to a language school to learn foreign languages, take part in overseas training, and attend a management school open to all employees to learn global communication skills and further leadership capabilities. To train the next generation of executives, we hold training for middle managers where they have discussions with others in different industries, learn systematically about the “people”, “goods”, and “money,” that constitute management work, and boost their power of logical thinking. Certain members in this training are selected for “top leader training,” in which ISK executive candidates learn not only in-house issues but also interact with employees of other companies in order to learn how to think and act as top-level executives with a problem-solving mindset.

ISK Training and Education System

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Figure: ISK Training and Education System

Time and Money Invested in Employee Training Programs (Non-consolidated)

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Graph: Time and Money Invested in Employee Training Programs (Non-consolidated)

Boosting Employee Engagement

In 2022, we began having all employees take engagement surveys. Employees answered 21 questions in seven areas (business potential, work meaning/contribution, sense of self-growth, support from superiors, interpersonal relations, diverse work styles, sense of fairness of treatment), grading each on a seven-point scale. The surveys revealed that ISK needs to improve the quality of communication between superiors and their subordinates. Taking into account ISK’s characteristics, the company is taking numerous improvement measures towards improving employee engagement. We will continue conducting surveys in order to help ISK and its employees enjoy a better mutual relationship.

Engagement Survey Results

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Graph: Engagement Survey Results
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