ISK’s Core Business Fields

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Inorganic Chemicals

Many of the white objects that you see in everyday life—cars and planes, washing machines and air conditioners, wallpaper and exterior house walls—owe their white color to titanium dioxide from ISK.
Our innovative titanium dioxide technology also plays an important role in electronic components, the decomposition of organic pollutants, and the purification of contaminated soil.

Image of Organic Chemicals Business

Organic Chemicals

We are relentlessly pursuing research and development to help people enjoy better food, health, and lifestyles each and every day.
Our agrochemicals, which ensure a safe and stable supply of all kinds of food, and our pharmaceuticals, which accelerate the evolution of medicine, go hand-in-hand with food and health.
What is more, we deliver one-of-a-kind ˜ower color that blossoms with our biotechnology.
Ishihara Sangyo continues to support the world by bringing innovation to these fields with its unique technologies.

Investor Relations

Originality. Acceleration. Global Reach.
Transforming Lives Through the Power of Chemistry.
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