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Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

Image: Corporate Philosophy

  • Contribute to social development, protection of life and environmental preservation
  • Respect shareholders, customers, suppliers, local communities and employees
  • Abide by laws and regulations; maintain transparency in business activities

Code of Conduct

  • At Ishihara Group, we will strictly observe laws, regulations, social norms and Company rules, while steadfastly adhering to high ethical standards, so as to gain social trust in our business.
  • In manufacturing activities, we will place the utmost priority on global environmental protection, as well as on worker safety, and will work to prevent any workplace accident or disaster.
  • On the basis of respect for human rights, we will promote mutual understanding and cooperation among employees, in order to create an open and friendly workplace.
  • To maintain transparency in our business activities, we will promote communication with local communities and society, and will disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.