Environment, Safety, and Health Management System

The chart below shows ISK's environment, safety & health management system.
The Environment, Safety & Health Management Committee determines ISK's strategic policies regarding extensive environmental protection initiatives, including global environmental protection, along with safety, health and chemical substances policies.
The Committee’s responsibilities include discussion and auditing of the ISK Group’s environmental protection, health, safety, and chemical substance management activities through a number of subordinate bodies: the Environment, Safety & Health Audit Committee, which audits the status of environmental protection, safety, and health activities; the Environment Council, which promotes environmental protection; the Safety & Health Council, which promotes safety and occupational health; and the Chemical Substance Management Committee, which promotes management of chemical substances across all processes, from development to manufacture, use, distribution, and disposal.

*You can see the entire image in the figure by scrolling horizontally.

figure:Environment, Safety, and Health Management System
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