Health and Productivity Management at ISK

On October 11, 2021, we announced the ISK Health Management Declaration to help us think about and strategically put into practice employee health and productivity management from a business administration-informed perspective. We are moving forward with an effort to put in place an environment in which employees can do their jobs in an energetic manner while enjoying both mental and physical health, including a variety of initiatives to incorporate health considerations into the ISK's management as the key to sustained growth.

ISK Health Management Declaration

We at ISK believe that health and productivity management is an essential element for achieving sustainable growth as a company in order to accomplish our purpose “To continue contributing to better living environments through chemical technologies.”
We believe that it is “Human” who shape a company and that maintaining and enhancing the health of employees are synonymous with maintaining a robust human resources base, leading to the company’s growth and contribution to society.
We will continue to further promote health and productivity management in cooperation with the Ishihara Sangyo Health Insurance Association and specialist staff so that all employees can work in an energetic manner while paying attention to their mental and physical health.

Executive Director President
Hiroshi Okubo

Health-related Issues at ISK
  • Prevention and early discovery of lifestyle-related diseases
    • Having all employees take regular health checkups and following up with those who received results requiring attention
    • Recommending preventive screening for lifestyle-related diseases and voluntary tests
    • Raising awareness of the dangers of smoking
  • Promoting workstyle reforms
    • Preventing overwork through appropriate management of working hours and streamlining of operations
    • Enhancing programs to help employees balance their jobs with family life
  • Maintenance and improvement of mental health
    • Fostering prevention and early discovery of mental health issues through self-care and care for one’s subordinates
    • Providing assistance to help employees suffering from mental health issues return to work

ISK Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map

Initiatives that address health and productivity management issues serve to foster the company’s sustained growth.
We are working to boost productivity by ensuring employees can do their jobs in an energetic and healthy manner while maintaining a high quality of life.

Health and Productivity Management Structures

Working under the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the Executive Director President, and through the Human Capital Management Promotion Team, which is led by the director of General Affairs & Human Resources Headquarters, the departments that are primarily responsible for health management play a leading role in implementing related initiatives.
We are undertaking a variety of measures in the areas of organizational activation, anti-harassment, and work-life balance not only by working closely with industrial physicians and public health nurse at our worksites and with the Ishihara Sangyo Health Insurance Association, but also by providing comprehensive support, including with mental health measures like an employee assistance program (EAP) administered by an outside organization and stress checks.

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Figure: Health and Productivity Management Structures

Improving Employees’ Health

Figure: Health and Productivity 2023

Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. has been certified as the 2024 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (Large Enterprise Category) 2 years in a row, selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program.

ISK thinks of employee health from a management perspective. Besides sharing health information and making use of health-related websites, we work with the health insurance union to earnestly promote employees’ well-being by, for example, holding seminars on lifestyle disease prevention and no-smoking campaigns (giving out free nicotine patches and nicotine gum). As key performance indicators for health and productivity management, we have set targets for fiscal 2030 of a smoking rate of less than 10%, at least 80% usage by employees of paid leave, overtime of less than 10 hours a month per employee, and 100% attendance at health-related seminars. We also strive to create a workplace conducive to supporting employees’ mental health. Besides teaming up with outside organizations to carry out stress checks so that employees can keep track of their own stress, we offer support in dealing with stress and hold programs to help employees return to work after stress-related leave.

Health and Productivity Management KPIs*

*KPI: Key Performance Indicator

*You can see the entire image in the figure by scrolling horizontally.

Issue KPIs Results
Targets for
FY2023 FY2022 FY2021
Improvement in the rate of health checkups and precision testing Health checkup rate 100% 100% 100% 100%
Reduction in the number of smokers Smoking rate 10.0%↓ 20.7% 21.8% 22.9%
Increase in exercise habits Optimal weight maintenance rate 70.0%↑ 65.6% 66.1% 63.7%
Exercise habituation rate 35.0%↑ 24.8% 24.5% 24.6%
Increase in health seminar attendance Percentage of managers attending seminars 100% 100% 100%
Attendance rate at seminars for women 100% 98.9% 100%
(Women Only)
Improvement of stress check rate Stress check rate 100% 100% 100% 99.2%
Improvement of paid vacation acquisition rate Paid vacation acquisition rate 88.0%↑ 82.8% 81.9% 77.0%
Reduction in the number of long hours worked by employees Average overtime hours 10 hr/person/month ↓ 11.4 hr/person/month 11.7 hr/person/month 12.0 hr/person/month
Presenteeism An index consisting of 5 items(out of 5 points) to measure presenteeism in the Japanese version of "WORKPLACE OUTCOME SUITE (WOS)" 4.0P↑ 3.9P 3.9P
Absenteeism Average number of days off for all employees under the medical leave system 1.9days↓ 1.9days 2.7days
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