Functional Materials

Titanium Dioxide for Catalytic Use, MC Series

Titanium dioxide for catalytic use, MC series, has been used for substrates of catalysts for reduction of nitrogen oxides, installed in thermal power plants, incinerators and so on.

Titanium dioxide has outstanding durability of catalytic activity.

Characteristics of MC series

The products are manufactured by the sulfate process of titanium dioxide

Large surface area and narrow particle size distribution

With variation of surface area, the products can be utilized as substrates of various catalysts and adsorbents.

Table 1 Grade List

  MC-50 MC-90 MC-150
Specific Surface Area (m²/g) 65.8 89.8 287.1
Crystal Form Anatase Anatase Anatase
Particle Size (µm)* 0.024 * 0.018 * 0.005 **
TiO2(%) 97.3 95.3 91.5
SO4(%) 2.43 3.56 4.38
Na2O(%) 0.003 0.003 0.003

* Median particle size obtained by TEM

** Calculated particle size based on specific surface area