Diversity and Inclusion

The achievement of Vision 2030 will require the creation of workplaces where people with diverse values and attributes can play their roles. We therefore are implementing measures for hiring and retaining a diverse range of individuals throughout ISK.
During the transition period of the new human resources system, we must not only operate the system properly in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to be promoted to managers and executives, but also cultivate an organizational culture where employees can be trained and work with acceptance and full utilization of their unique ideas and differences. This will help ISK make the most of people from various backgrounds, regardless of their gender, nationality, age, or physical ability.

Hiring a Diversity of Human Resources

We strive to hire globally minded people with high aspirations and the love of a challenge, regardless of their gender or nationality, or whether they are hired as new graduates or Mid-Career Hires. We strengthen our foundation of diverse human resources by hiring mid-career workers , former employees, and referrals. We also strive to make more women and Mid-Career Hires managers, with a goal of having women account for at least 10% of management and Mid-Career Hires at least 30% (average for the last three years).

Mid-Career Hires as percentage of regular workers

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
34% 65% 64%

Published October 31, 2023

Empowering Women

We are working from a medium- to long-term perspective to create an environment where women’s participation is common and expected. Specifically, we are actively recruiting female recent graduates and mid-career hires, as well as promoting female managers, and, in terms of balancing work with child care, regardless of gender, we are cultivating workplaces where there is workplace-wide understanding of, and support for, the life events, thereby fostering the development of a corporate culture which empowers women to pursue their careers without interruption. In fiscal 2022, childcare leave acquisition late was 36% for male employees and 100% for female employees.
To have more women play active roles at ISK in future, our goal is to increase the percentage of female managers from the current 7.6% to at least 10% by 2030.

Pleasant Work Environment

We have systems such as flextime and shortened work hours for child care. So that employees can more easily and effectively use these systems, we are gradually revising them in response to society’s changes and employee needs, in addition to revising the requirements for employees using these systems.
To invigorate our organization and adapt to the needs of employees’ changing work patterns and work-life balance, we have expanded the ways that employees can take days off, such as hourly-basis time off, and we have revised the requirements for taking accumulated holidays.
With an eye to extending ISK’s retirement age to 65 and allowing employees to enjoy a long and healthy work career, we are studying different ways to hire people and new types of working arrangements.

Increasing Support for Work-Life Balance (Non-consolidated)

*You can see the entire image in the figure by scrolling horizontally.

Graph: Increasing Support for Work-Life Balance (Non-consolidated)
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