Heat Shield Materials

ISK developed the inorganic materials for a heat shielding application with our unique technology for titanium dioxide.
We have three types of colors, White, Black and Transparent.

White : TIPAQUE PFR404

PFR404 has more excellent performance than general titanium oxide pigment about reflecting near infrared ray.


SG-101 is Chromium-free inorganic black heat shielding material. It has neutral black color without reddish color, and more excellent performance than conventional black Fe-Cr heat shielding material about reflecting near infrared ray.

(Major Applications of White/Black pigment)
Heat shielding paint on a roof, a wall or road. Fake wood for an outdoor material.

Transparent : SN-100P

Transparent SN-100P is the inorganic material of absorbing near infrared rays.

Transparent heat shielding glass coat ST-IR series

(Major Applications of Transparent pigment)
Heat shielding glass coating

Grade List

  White heat shield material
Cr-free Black
heat shield material SG-101
Transparent heat shield material
Particle shape Rod shape Spherical shape
Composition TiO2, Al(OH)3 (Ca,Ti,Mn)O3 SnO2, Sb2O5
Specific gravity 4.2 4.1 6.6
Particle size (μm) D:0.3-0.5
0.95 0.01-0.03