Matting Agents

ISK developed a new type of matting agents based on our unique TiO2 technology. White matting agent is TIPAQUE PFR410, and non-colored matting agent is PFS701.


  • Unique large particle of TiO2.
  • Perform matting effect along with excellent durability by special surface treatment technology.
  • Achieve both high matting effect to reduce the bottom gloss and smooth touch film.
  • Minimize the contents of conventional matting agents which negatively affect the weatherability and film property especially at the lowest gloss range, because it has whiteness of TiO2 along with matting effect.(TIPAQUE PFR410)
  • Applicable for dark color and realize the smooth matting film with little uneven gloss and inconspicuous touch-up mark.(PFS701)

(Major Applications)
Matte paint for exteriors and interiors, matte finish on plastic parts, and matte film.

Grade List

  White matting agent
Non-colored matting agent
Particle size (μm) 4.3 4.8
TiO2 73 -
Specific gravity 3.5 3.4
Oil absorption(g/100g) 54 56
Composition TiO2、SiO2 BaSO4、SiO2

Illustration of the matte film

Excellent Weatherability for a Matte coating


● PFS701