Board of Directors and Executive Officers

Board of Directors

Director Chairman Kenichi Tanaka
Executive Director President Hideo Takahashi
Executive Director Hiroshi Okubo
Director Kiyomitsu Yoshida
Director Yasunobu Kawazoe
Director Masaki Shimojo
Outside Director Tatsuo Hanazawa
Outside Director Satoshi Ando
Outside Director Akemi Uchida

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Yoshihito Akiyama
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Yoichi Kobayashi
Outside Audit &
Supervisory Board Member
Norihisa Kusumi
Outside Audit &
Supervisory Board Member
Yasuhiro Koike

Executive Officers

President & Chief
Executive Officer
Hideo Takahashi
Senior Managing
Executive Officer
Hiroshi Okubo
Director of Corporate Administration & Planning Headquarters
Senior Managing
Executive Officer
Kiyomitsu Yoshida
Organic Chemicals Business
Managing Executive
Yasunobu Kawazoe
Director of Finance & Accounting Headquarters
Managing Executive
Masaki Shimojo
Director of Inorganic Chemicals Sales & Marketing
R&D Strategy Headquarters
Managing Executive
Mikiya Horie
Director of Biosciences Business Headquarters
Managing Executive
Hiroyuki Watanabe
Director of Healthcare Business Headquarters
Managing Executive
Yoshio Nishiyama
Director of General Affairs & Human Resources Headquarters
Managing Executive
Yoshiyuki Shimmyo
Director of Yokkaichi Plant
Executive Officer Shigeru Mitani
Director of Central Research Institute
Executive Officer Yasushi Nakao
Director of R&D Strategy Headquarters
Executive Officer Shunsuke Asano
Deputy Director of Yokkaichi Plant
Executive Officer Tooru Sakamoto
Deputy Director of Inorganic Chemicals Sales & Marketing
General Manager of Raw Materials Procurement Division,
Inorganic Chemicals Sales & Marketing
Executive Officer Akihiko Kikuchi
Director of Legal & IP Headquarters
General Manager of Legal Division, Legal & IP Headquarters
Executive Officer Masateru Oguri
General Manager of Supply Chain Management Division,
Biosciences Business Headquarters
Executive Officer Kenji Tanaka
Deputy Director of Corporete Administration & Planning Headquarters
General Manager of Corporate Planning Division,
Corporate Administration & Planning Headquarters
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