Digital Transformation (DX) Initiatives

Message from DX promote leader

Our group is committed to "promoting Digital Transformation (hereinafter referred to as DX) and reforming work style through improving of operational efficiency" as one of the materialities for mid-to-long term corporate value enhancement in "Vision 2030".
By undertaking a company-wide approach to DX utilizing digital technology, we aim to strengthen our business foundation through further expansion of our existing businesses and creation of new businesses, responding to customer and societal needs, as well as changes in the business environment.
The promotion of DX is not merely about adopting new technologies, but requires a comprehensive approach including a transformation of corporate culture, enhanced flexibility in response to environmental changes, and the construction of a sustainable business model. To this end, it is vital that each employee becomes an agent of change. We are fostering a culture in which every employee, through increased opportunities for IT literacy education and the acquisition of specialized knowledge such as generative AI, can fully develop their skills and be proactive in driving innovation.
In pursuit of realizing our group's PURPOSE, we aim to respond flexibly to societal changes, meet market demands, and exceed customer expectations by providing value. Our DX vision is "To accelerate the realization of a better living environment through chemical technology with DX", and we are committed to advancing our efforts in DX promotion.

Executive Director President
Hiroshi Okubo

DX Strategy and Roadmap

With a vision of utilizing DX to accelerate the realization of better living environments through chemical technologies, we are promoting DX in accordance with the following strategic policies. While our initial goal is to finish a DX-Ready stage, as we work toward Vision 2030, we will foster increasing maturation over the medium- to long-term to transform ourselves into an organization which leverages advanced digital technology.

1. Expanding existing business and creating new business adapted to customers’ and society’s changing needs

  • Cross-departmental use of information with an eye to new business creation
  • Enhancement of product planning capabilities
  • Use of management/business data indicators

2. Reforming workstyles and strengthening manufacturing systems by pursuing streamlining operations

  • Company-wide paperless transition
  • Promotion of a wide variety of work styles
  • Standardization of tools and promotion of their use
  • Promotion of the use of an internal information sharing platform

3. Improving IT literacy of all employees and utilization of digital technology and data

  • Human resource development program
  • Creation of a “Know-Who” database

4. Reforming to the environment and culture where innovative idea can be attempted and implemented easily and swiftly

  • Collaboration, co-creation, and dissemination with outside parties
  • Establishment of a digital investment platform / budgeting process
  • Creation of a system where challenges are praised

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figure:DX Strategy and Roadmap

DX Promotion Structures

In order to realize our DX vision, we have established a DX Promotion Team which is under the purview of the Sustainability Promotion Committee. We are working to improve labor productivity and achieve workstyle reform by establishing themed project groups to focus implementation on those areas closely tied to business operations and, thereby, produce results while accumulating small success stories.

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figure:DX Promotion Structures

Cultivating DX personnel

With the aim of building a system which makes business departments to independently pursue DX, we first define the necessary DX personnel our company needs and then provide individually tailored training in order to cultivate human resources who possess operational knowledge and a certain level of IT skill.

DX Environment Development

In order to promote DX, we need to develop an environment where a shared awareness exists of the importance of moving away from existing ways of doing things and of embracing challenge. The DX Promotion Team is responsible for developing a system “DX Verification Promotion Plan” to address the provision of consultations and cost-related support when starting DX activity verification (with a small start), as well as strengthening both the IT infrastructure system and hardware environment.

Our company has been selected as a "Digital Transformation Certified Company" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2026]

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