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Corporate Principle & Policy

ISK has been developing new environment- and human-friendly technologies through continuous original research and development.

Featuring the future of our planet, ISK promotes research and development activities based on our sophisticated expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry.

For more than 80 years since its foundation, ISK has aggressively pursued the contribution to society through our proprietary technologies. ISK is currently founded on three major businesses: agrochemical products, which are indispensable for expanding food production; titanium dioxide, which enhances our living culture; and functional materials, which meet the requirements of a society of highly advanced information technologies. ISK maintains a competitive position in these business fields among the world's major corporations respectively and our products have been highly valued worldwide. We are also aggressively engaged in developing pharmaceuticals.

ISK promotes the development and industrialization of eco-friendly new titanium dioxide manufacturing processes.

Presently, the chloride process is a titanium dioxide manufacturing method that has the lowest negative impact on the environment. ISK is engaged in the development of a further cost-effective and environment- friendly manufacturing process.

Air and water quality improvement and energy savings ... With inorganic technologies, we are studying environmental protection.

Titanium dioxide demonstrates a variety of intriguing characteristics when it absorbs light. ISK is currently pursuing application of photocatalytic activities of titanium dioxide. Through the development of applied products, which offer safer and more comfortable lives in a wide variety of fields, including air purification and stain-proof measures, ISK will contribute to creation of new technologies that will improve the global environment in the 21st century.

Agrochemicals and phermaceuticals ... ISK is carrying out a wide range of research in the organic fields for the technologies to contribute to future life-science.

In the field of agrochemicals, for example, we are creating uniquely characterized products by exploring the distinctive physiological functions of targeted weeds, insect pests, and fungi. Agrochemicals on the future market must be completely harmless to both humans and other living creatures, and must also be able to decompose easily within the ecosystem with no adverse effects on eco-friendly agriculture.

In the field of pharmaceuticals, we are researching the synthesis of new compounds and the application of new biotechnologies. This promising line of research aims at developing technologies and medicines that will meet the needs of an aging society.

ISK is expanding its worldwide R & D network for sustainable progress in the 21st century.

ISK's research and development is carried out mainly in Japan at Central Research Institute (in Kusatsu) and R&D Strategy Headquarters (in Osaka, Kusatsu and Yokkaichi) with about 300 staff. To cope with the increasing needs of R&D viewing the global market, we actively and fully utilize the Internet and Intranet information infrastructures in order to globalize the basic and commercialization research of our core technologies.

In response to the internationalization of our products, we were accredited with ISO 9001 certification. Since then, our marketing, R&D, and production divisions have cooperated mutually and established an efficient technical service/follow-up system that meets the market needs all over the world.

In order to challenge paradigm shift from “Petrol Era” to “Battery Era”, ISK is aggressively promoting industrialization of environment-related businesses.

With high-quality and low-cost lithium titanate developed by utilizing production technologies of titanium dioxide and functional materials, ISK is actively promoting battery material business including development of new battery materials.