R&D Policy

ISK promotes high-quality original research to create products that are friendly to people and the environment.

Based on the sophisticated technologies ISK has accumulated in the fields of inorganic and organic chemistry, we are promoting research with a focus on the future of our planet.

Since it was established, ISK has been committed to contributing to society using its unique technology.
ISK operates two main businesses: the inorganic chemicals business based on titanium dioxide, a material valuable in enhancing lifestyles, and the organic chemicals business focused on agrochemicals, which are crucial for increasing food production. Each business, highly recognized internationally, is competitive with the leading global companies in their respective sector. Furthermore, with the aim of enhancing people's lifestyles, ISK is developing and promoting the animal health products business.

ISK is promoting the development and practical use of a new titanium dioxide production process having less impact on the environment.

ISK currently produces titanium dioxide using the chloride process, which is the method with the least impact on the environment at the present time. However, ISK is not satisfied with the above process, and is doing research to develop a higher efficiency titanium dioxide production process.

ISK is currently studying the effective use of its inorganic chemical technologies for environmental preservation – the atmosphere, water, soil …

The ultraviolet ray absorption characteristic of titanium dioxide exhibits various effects. One of the effects is its photocatalytic function which is used to develop various applied products which promise people safer and more comfortable lives. These products preserve the global environment in the 21st century through air purification, pollution prevention, and many other effective functions.

Agrochemicals, animal health products … In the field of organic chemistry, ISK conducts research from a wide perspective to develop technologies that will contribute to the progress of life science in the future.

In the field of agrochemicals, ISK has developed unique products through exploratory studies focused on specific physiological functions of the weeds, insects, and microbes targeted for control. We are developing chemicals with such qualities as required for agrochemicals in the future, including high levels of safety to humans and animals, biodegradability, ecological soundness, and suitability for use in environmentally friendly agriculture. In the field of animal health products, we are promoting research and development of new drugs to meet the needs of veterinarians and pet owners, thereby ensuring the health of pets as family members.

ISK links Japanese and foreign technologies to expand the R&D network and pass it on to the next generation.

Aiming to provide value to a diversified society in a timely manner, ISK grasps and fulfills the needs of the world on a real time basis. In addition to relying on the technologies it has developed to date, ISK is actively engaged in technological collaboration with other companies to jointly create new value.