Functional Materials

High-Purity Titanium Tetrachloride TC

ISK is the only manufacturer in Japan that has succeeded in industrializing the production of pigment titanium dioxide using the chloride process.

Using titanium tetrachloride, the main raw material for titanium dioxide produced through the chloride process, we manufacture and sell titanium tetrachloride aqueous solutions and high-purity titanium tetrachloride.
The titanium tetrachloride aqueous solution (TC-36) is made by diluting the raw-material titanium tetrachloride to 36% with water for ease of handling.
High-purity titanium tetrachloride (TC-100H) has an even higher degree of purification than that of the raw-material titanium tetrachloride. High-purity titanium tetrachloride has a purity of 99.9% or higher and is sold as an undiluted solution.


  • High-Purity Titanium Tetrachloride: TC-100H
    Purity of TiCl4 > 99.9%
  • Aqueous Solution of Titanium Tetrachloride: TC-36
    Concentration of TiCl4: ca. 36%
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