Functional Materials

Ultrafine Particle Size Zinc Oxide, FZO

ISK has developed ultrafine zinc oxide, FZO-50, in addition to ultrafine titanium dioxide.

FZO-50 is superior in UV-A shielding, whereas ultrafine titanium dioxide is superior in UV-B shielding.

FZO-50 shows anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects as conventional zinc oxide does.

FZO-50 can be utilized in various applications such as cosmetics, films and coatings.

Basic Properties of FZO-50

ZnO(%) 98.3
Specific Surface Area(m²/g) 49.6
Bulk Density(g/ml) 0.17
Oil Absorption(g/100g) 32
Primary Particle Size(µm) 0.021

Fig.1 Electron micrograph of FZO-50Fig.1 Electron micrograph of FZO-50

Fig.2  Transmittance Curve for FZO-50Fig.2 Transmittance Curve for FZO-50
(Mixed with Liquid Paraffin/Petrolatum/Stearic Acid)