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Gypsander - Gypsum-based neutral soil adjustment agent -

Photo: Gypsander - Gypsum-based neutral soil adjustment agent -

Gypsander helps faster and safer production of “soil” that is friendly to humans and other living things.

Being pH neutral, it also helps to remove foul odor.

Product Type

Gypsander-C Gypsander-C, chiefly composed of gypsum plaster, is an inorganic solidifier recommended for adjusting soil of relatively low water content.
Gypsander-B Gypsander-B is a solidifier produced by combining polymer flocculant with Gypsander-C. Mud is solidified instantly by Gypsander-B.


Effective in various types of mud.

Graph: Strength lab test results of polluted mud - One hour after addition

pH neutral

As the product itself is pH neutral, so long as the original soil is neutral, the adjusted soil will surely be neutral how much the product is added.

Graph: pH transition (Comparison with cement)

Safe and environmentally friendly

Gypsander is an environmentally friendly solidifier; leached amount and content are periodically measured and certified.

In addition, acute toxicity testing with Japanese rice fish has proven the product safe even in 100% test solution.

Photo: Acute toxicity test with juvenile sweetfish

Deodorant Effect

Gypsander is mixed with special iron to reduce foul odor by solidifying hydrogen sulfide in dredged sediments, reducing work risk.

Soil containing high levels of organic substances can generate ammonia when alkalized, but this is not true of Gypsander, which creates no pH changes.

Graph: Transition of additive amount and ammonia generation


  • Solidification, adjustment and recycling of mud generated at construction sites
  • Hardening of soft soil
  • Cleanup of polluted soil; solidification and adjustment of ground