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To All Individual Investors

ISK is a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable global environment and society and continues to create new corporate value by resolving social issues through business activities based on the ISK Group’s corporate philosophy.

Ishihara Sangyo Group

Our strengths

Figure: Value Creation Core
  • Ability to develop proprietary technologies
  • Ability to accommodate quality and environmental requirements
  • Ability to collaborate globally

Our three principal strengths and management capability to tap the true value of chemical technologies

We tap the true value of chemical technologies, which are the source of our competitiveness, through our three principal strengths—the ability to develop proprietary technologies, accommodate quality and environmental requirements, and collaborate globally—which have been cultivated over many years and have been supported by our management capability. This is the mechanism by which the ISK Group creates value. Going forward, we will be continuing to create new value and deliver a better living environment for people worldwide.

If You Become a Shareholder of ISK:

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    Exercise of Voting Rights

    You can participate in company management.

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    You can receive dividends.

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