Inorganic Chemicals Division

Product development

Color Materials R&D

We aim to develop products that go beyond the framework of conventional titanium dioxide. Such products include titanium dioxide pigments with new functions, titanate with a new aesthetic quality, and bismuth sulfide with high blackness.

Functional Materials R&D

Based on its core technologies built through years of experience in inorganic material synthesis, ISK aims to innovate structural design, particle control technology, and dispersion technology and works to develop environmental and energy materials, optical materials, and electrical and electronic materials that follow the trends of the times.

Environmental Products R&D

We propose environmentally friendly soil improvers which leverage the crystal structure control technology that we have developed through decades of working.

Exploring the expanded application of environmental products

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GypsanderTM We are researching to control the solidifying time and strength of GypsanderTM, as an environmentally friendly neutral solidifier, to meet various needs of construction sites.
Fix-AllTM Fix-AllTM insolubilizes various heavy metals (As, Se, Pb, Cd, etc.) without any change in pH. We are researching to make it also usable with fluorine and boron. We are also exploring the provision of the product in the form of slurry and the production of mats and sheets in response to diversifying usage. In addition, it is under consideration to apply the product to organic fluorine compounds such as PFOS and PFOA.
MT-V3TM MT-V3TM has been widely used not only alone but also in combination with a solidifier to decompose and purify VOC-contaminated soil. It can also be applied to selenium, which requires a reduction reaction, and can be applied to the combined pollution of heavy metals and VOCs. The product has magnetic adhesion; therefore, we are currently investigating its application to magnetic separation.

New Business R&D

The goal is to create new materials and new businesses with innovative ideas not bound by preconceived notions, combining inorganic and organic fields and crossing the boundary between these business fields.

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